niall t.l. – assorted playthings


Muddledash — multiplayer octopus racing (2016 - 18)

Muddledash is a multiplayer octopus racing game for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. I co-designed, programmed, co-animated and ported the thing. Info at

fluid simulation

Real-time Viscoelastic Fluid Simulation (2017—

Thesis project and general pastime. Continually working on real-time position-based particle simulations of fluids with a large range of material properties. You can follow bits and pieces of my progress on my twitter!

Flow State — First-person skateboarding (2016)

Old experimentation. Flow State is a skating game with an emphasis on fast-paced tricking and smooth cruising. Follow the development blog here.

lightsprite screenshot / info

Lightsprite — Infinite runner (2015)

Responsible for all design, animation & programming. I worked with the lovely musician / sound designer extraordinaire MereMonkey. Play online at the original sponsor's site.

lissom screenshot / info

lissom — Tarzan simulator (2015)

1-week experimental physics-driven procedural scroller. Made for web and android. Play online here.

intersectigon screenshot / info

Intersectigon — Geometric puzzler (2014)

Responsible for all aspects of the game aside from audio and some additional title animation. Play online at the original sponsor's site.