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muddledash screenshot / info

Muddledash — multiplayer octopus racing

Muddledash is an upcoming multiplayer octopus racing game being released on multiple platforms. It has been shown at numerous expos and events in Australia to great slippery success. Launching soon on Steam Greenlight. Unity

More info at

flow state screenshot / info

Flow State — first-person Skateboarding

In progress. Flow State is a skating game with an emphasis on fast-paced tricking and smoooooooth cruisin. Unity, Cinema 4D

Follow the development blog here.

lightsprite screenshot / info

Lightsprite — Upgradeable infinite runner

Spring, 2015. responsible for all design, animation & programming. I worked with the lovely musician / sound designer extraordinaire MereMonkey. Haxe, OpenFL, Flash

Play online at the original sponsor's site.

fluid simulator screenshot / info

Particle-based Fluid Simulation

Ongoing. I've long been interested in fluid dynamics, particularly with real-time applications. My implementation of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics has support for viscoelastic-plastic materials, multiphase interaction and fluid—solid coupling. C++, Java

More info and renders available soon.

lissom screenshot / info

lissom — professional tarzan simulator

Summer, 2014. 1-week experimental physics-driven procedural scroller. made for web and android. Haxe, OpenFL

Play online here.

intersectigon screenshot / info

Intersectigon — geometric puzzler

Spring, 2014. I was responsible for all aspects of the game aside from audio and some additional title animation. Flash, AS3

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